Swingstage – Does Your Power Get Lower as You Go Higher?

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Power issues can be problematic in swing stage applications.  For instance, as the distance between the power source and the swing stage increases (the swing stage is moving up the side of the building), the voltage can drop.  Another example: the power tools on the swing stage require 110 volt but the power source is 220 volt. How do you solve these problems in order to do the job efficiently?  Simple, you just need the right transformer!

Booster transformers

Low voltage is a common yet easily corrected issue that can occur when using suspended scaffolds. Poor power supply, excessive cord length, and other power burdens create a voltage drop problem that must be resolved to prevent re-occurring issues.

Booster transformers raise line voltage up to 20% in order to protect equipment from being damaged.  When a booster transformer is used, it should be placed at the supply so that the higher voltage is boosted rather than the lower voltage found at the platform. The voltage should be checked at the hoist while raising the platform, and then while lowering. Too much boost may create overvoltage when lowering. Voltage must stay within the equipment’s stated acceptable voltage range.

ESL’s booster transformers are pre-wired with NEMA or IEC plugs and connectors which makes them a great solution for low voltage in swing stage applications.

‘Step Down’ GFI transformers

110 volt power tools are commonly used on a suspended platform, but the power source is often 220 volt.

A step-down transformer is used to convert 3 wire 220 volts to 110 volts. It is never safe to use the ground wire and one ‘hot wire’ of a 3 wire system to achieve this drop. Doing so is against the electrical code and will result in loss of the equipment ground that protects workers from electrical shock.

ESL offers safe step-down transformers to provide 110 volt power. These transformers include GFI protection to avoid shock hazards. The transformers are weatherproof, and include compatible connectors for easy use.

When it comes to power issues in your swing stage application, ESL Power Systems has cost-effective transformers which will allow swing stage operators to perform their work safely and efficiently. Get the right tools and eliminate your power issues!

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