ESL and Elonroad Partner to Develop Charging Solutions for ETRU Market

Corona, CA and Lund, Sweden — May 2024 — ESL and Elonroad are pleased to announce their partnership aimed at developing innovative automatic charging solutions for essential businesses and supply chains. The collaboration will focus on leveraging Elonroad’s automatic charging technology and ESL’s expertise in power system solutions to electrify the future of transportation sustainably.

The partnership signifies a strategic move by both companies to address the growing need for efficient and climate-friendly charging solutions, particularly within the Electric Transport Refrigeration Unit (ETRU) market, including refrigerated trucks, trailers, and warehouses. This collaboration also marks Elonroad’s introduction to the U.S. market, introducing the availability of cutting-edge automatic charging solutions.

The joint venture will kickstart with a pilot program, set to commence in mid-2024 and conclude by Q1 2025. This U.S. market initiative aligns with the shared vision of both parties to revolutionize the transportation sector and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Carlos Valero, Chief Operating Officer of ESL, highlighted the synergies between the two companies, stating, ” Elonroad’s unique automatic charging solutions significantly decrease CO2 impact and lowers the total cost of ownership, offering the flexibility to charge electric vehicles whether on the move or parked. This innovation aligns with ESL’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions that drive environmental benefits while meeting the evolving needs of the transportation industry. Together, we aim to redefine the future of our markets.”

Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO of Elonroad, expressed her thoughts on the partnership, saying, “We recognize ESL as an industry leader, and partnering with them in the U.S. market is a key strategic move for Elonroad. Through this collaboration, we are thrilled to forge a path toward a positive future where sustainable practices and safety for all involved are paramount. This partnership not only underscores our commitment to climate-consciousness but also signifies a significant step towards redefining industry standards. We look forward to the innovative solutions and positive impact our combined efforts will bring to the transportation sector and beyond.”

Elonroad specializes in charging solutions for electric vehicles, catering to various segments such as commercial, private, light, and heavy vehicles, both autonomous and human-operated. Working with, amongst others, one of the leaders within circular services, in addition also building the first electric highway together with VINCI outside Paris, France. Meanwhile, ESL is renowned for its advanced power system solutions in the electric vehicle charging industry and renewable energy applications.

The partnership between ESL and Elonroad marks a significant step towards sustainable transportation and underscores their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

About ESL

ESL is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and integrating advanced power system solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry and renewable energy applications. With a robust portfolio that includes everything from high-efficiency charging stations to innovative power management systems, ESL is at the forefront of supporting sustainable transportation.

About Elonroad

Elonroad, a Swedish cleantech company, aims to streamline energy flow using their innovative technology for Electric Roads (ERS) and automated charging stations, targeting industries like logistics and ports. Their technology, which integrates conductive charging into road surfaces, enables vehicles to charge while moving or parked. Enhanced with IoT sensors, the system optimizes charging, improves safety, and operates efficiently 24/7 while also reducing CO2 emissions. Elonroad collaborates with major partners like logistics company Elis and global supplier of automotive components Aisin and is currently working on the first electric highway on the A10 highway outside Paris, France. Elonroad’s charging solutions support all types of electric vehicles—commercial or private, light or heavy, autonomous or manual—further expanding their reach and impact in the shift towards sustainable transportation.

Learn more about the conductive charging pilot program!

For media inquiries, please contact:

Erika Thorson, Marketing Manager, ESL

+1 (951) 739-7000

Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO, Elonroad

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Harold Wells Associates. INC.: ESL’s Newest MRG

ESL is thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our growing network of Manufacturing Representative Groups, Harold Wells Associates, INC. Covering Northern California counties above San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino along with all Nevada counties with the exception of Nye, Lincoln and Clark, Harold Wells Associates, INC. offers a spectrum of services, committed to providing technical sales and support for customers. Serving customers since 1960, their broad engineering knowledge provides the integral link between manufacturers and clients equipping them to support a myriad of projects. HWA has developed a reputation based on integrity, straightforward business ethics, and engineering ability. Their expertise in products for critical emergency power, data center infrastructure products and municipal projects enables ESL to provide exceptional support and expertise to our customers in their covered counties.

ESL’s MRGs, like HWA, play a crucial role as the link between customers and our internal customer experience team, providing expert-level support to address challenges and queries. Together, we’re dedicated to elevating customer satisfaction and enhancing our sales support capabilities for an improved overall customer experience.

ESL proudly extends its reach of manufacturer representatives across the United States to deliver technical and customer service support for our Emergency and Entertainment Power Solutions products. To identify the suitable representative for your project, explore our representative map here!

ESL Power Systems Expands Partnership with LaSalle Representatives to Cover Additional States

ESL is thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our collaboration with LaSalle Representatives, one of our esteemed manufacturer representatives. LaSalle has been a key player in our network, serving the New Jersey and New York regions with unparalleled dedication. Now, we’re excited to extend their coverage to include Connecticut (CT), Maine (ME), Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), Vermont (VT), New Hampshire (NH), and the entirety of New York (NY).

LaSalle Representatives has already proven their commitment to excellence by providing exceptional service in New York Counties, including Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Kings, Richmond, Suffolk, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Orange. Their sales team boasts a rich history in the competitive NYC Metro Market, offering smart, sensible, and cost-effective solutions to our valued customers.

What sets LaSalle apart is their diverse team, comprised of individuals with backgrounds working directly for manufacturers, local distributors, and hands-on field experience. This unique blend enables them to collectively deliver the best service and support for each application, ensuring that our customers receive top-notch assistance.

As ESL Power Systems continues to grow and innovate, we actively seek out the best manufacturer representatives to join us in providing cutting-edge Emergency Power and Entertainment Power Solutions. LaSalle Representatives exemplifies excellence in embracing this opportunity, showcasing a deep understanding and expertise in ESL’s product lines. We take pride in our nationwide network of manufacturer representatives who offer technical expertise and customer service support. To discover the right representative for your state, we invite you to explore our representative map here. At ESL Power Systems, we are dedicated to powering your success and ensuring that you receive the highest level of support for your power solutions needs.

Critical Facilities Technologies: ESL’s Newest MRG

Manufacturing Representative Groups (MRGs) have become an increasingly important resource for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and sales support. At ESL, we recognize the value of MRGs and have made it our mission to find the most experienced and capable partners to help serve our customers across the country.

Our MRGs act as a liaison between our customers and our internal customer experience team, providing an expert level of knowledge and support to address any concerns or issues that may arise. By working with MRGs, we aim to increase customer satisfaction and enhance our sales support capabilities, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

ESL is pleased to announce the latest addition to our expanding ensemble of Manufacturing Representative Groups, Critical Facilities Technologies (CFT). Based in the Midwest, CFT offers a range of services, including design, equipment procurement, project management, and more, to customers in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Their team of seasoned professionals possess a wide range of expertise and an impressive wealth of knowledge across diverse industries. This equips them to effectively guide and support projects of any scale, industry, or facility maturity level. Teaming up with CFT empowers ESL to now provide our customers with exceptional levels of support and expertise in these newly covered states. CFT’s extensive regional knowledge is especially valuable when it comes to designing and executing new projects.

ESL proudly provides manufacturer representatives throughout the United States to provide technical and customer service support for our Emergency Power and Entertainment Power Solutions products. To find the right representative for your state, check out or rep map here!

ESL Power Systems, Inc. Partners with France Based Company PROCONECT

CORONA, California, July 2022 – ESL Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with PROCONECT, a French manufacturer specializing in industrial connectors. This partnership will allow ESL to utilize and distribute PROCONECT’s premier low and medium voltage push-pull receptacles and plugs; harnessing the expertise from both companies and providing advanced Shore Power Solutions for Cruise, Ferry, Ports and Container Terminals across all Americas.

Together, ESL and PROCONECT will offer safe, proven technology that is reliable, durable, and heavy duty for marine grade applications; in addition to offering compliance with local electrical regulations and codes.

This agreement grants ESL exclusive distribution in the Americas of PROCONECTs products for marine applications such as electrification of container handling equipment (ERTGs, RMGs, STS), and shore power for containers, ferries, cruise terminals and other types of vessels. ESL’s expertise and footprint in the market will offer PROCONECT customers local stock, support, and technical assistance.

PROCONECT CEO, Béatrice Barokhel states, “We are excited to be working with ESL and expanding PROCONECT’s reach for the port and maritime industry to the Americas. ESL’s custom solutions, excellence in customer service and dedication to innovation fall in line with PROCONECTS mission to serve our customers in a market that demands performance, timely delivery, and cost value.”

ESL President, Marcelo Gonzalez shares PROCONECT’s excitement. “We couldn’t be happier to work with a European company that supplies such a quality product to the port and shore power markets. We at ESL believe this partnership will provide our customers with the absolute best in quality connection for marine environments.”

For additional information or a project quote contact ESL’s Sales Team at:

About ESL Power Systems, Inc.
A 100% employee-owned company located in Corona, CA, ESL Power Systems, Inc. is an innovative global leader in the design and manufacturing of cord-connected electrical equipment for industrial and commercial applications and is known as best-in-class builders of Ship-to-Shore Power Equipment. ESL works with customers globally to build custom engineered solutions for commercial and military applications such as: Cruise Lines, Ferry Terminals, Navy/NATO Ships & Bases, USCG Ships & Bases, and Container Ships & Ports Barges.

Created in 1981, PROCONECT is a French company located in Orvault, France that specializes in the conception of industrial connectors. Thanks to its high interest for Research and Innovation, PROCONECT is a very dynamic, creative and speed reactive company serving a market with high demand in performance, cost, and delivery time. ISO 9001 certified since 1998, PROCONECT is also registered as a NATO supplier.