Sourcing Wayside HEP Power Systems for Rail Yards


Head End Power Unit Configurations for Passenger Trains

In the late 1990s, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), implemented practices for Head End Power sources throughout the passenger rail industry.

According to 3.1.3 in APTA RP-R-015-99, Head End Power (HEP) is defined as “A system by which 480 VAC 3-phase electrical power, to operate auxiliaries, is provided to railroad vehicles from a central source via a trainline system. The power source can be locomotive (hence “Head End”), power car, or wayside source.” Read more

Advantages of Third-party Certification


To customers, distributors, and retailers, a certification mark means that they are purchasing a product that has been evaluated by an accredited independent organization. This third-party certification for electrical and power products means that a qualified independent testing laboratory has reviewed the manufacturing process of the particular product and has concluded that the final product complies with specific safety standards.

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