How to Prevent Exploding Reefer Plugs & Connectors


Those who have plugged in Refrigerated Containers (a.k.a “reefers”) know firsthand that water intrusion can cause reefer plugs and connectors to explode.  This is extremely dangerous and can result in injury to the operator, damage to the plug, receptacle, and surrounding equipment.  And obviously, the refrigerated cargo is no longer being cooled.  Experienced operators will even shake the plug prior to plugging in; if they suspect water is inside they know better than to energize the plug.

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2021 ESL Christmas Video

ESL’s Holiday Video

Whether it’s a group of friends, family, customers or vendors, Christmas caroling is still considered one of the most favored ways for people to get into the holiday spirit.

In appreciation for the many efforts made this year, the ESL team decided a good old Classic Christmas Carol would help bring in the tradition and nostalgia of the season.

Of course, the team never does anything in traditional form…

ESL’s eTRUconnect Refrigerated Truck-trailer Shore Power

ESL’s UL Listed patent pending eTRUconnect™ PS Series provides safe utility shore power to electric or hybrid refrigerated units on truck trailers, eliminating emissions while loading/unloading or idle. Connecting electric or hybrid refrigerated units to shore power eliminates the need of running onboard diesel generators/engines to keep the cargo within the optimal temperature range. This results in significant savings attributed to much lower electric energy cost. eTRUconnect’s, safe and simple connection and disconnection procedure allows truck operators to use the system while minimizing the risk of injury and the liability to the facility owner. ESL’s eTRUconnect is the ideal solution for distribution centers, warehouses, grocery stores and truck stops. Watch our video to learn more!