ESL and Elonroad Partner to Develop Charging Solutions for ETRU Market

Corona, CA and Lund, Sweden — May 2024 — ESL and Elonroad are pleased to announce their partnership aimed at developing innovative automatic charging solutions for essential businesses and supply chains. The collaboration will focus on leveraging Elonroad’s automatic charging technology and ESL’s expertise in power system solutions to electrify the future of transportation sustainably.

The partnership signifies a strategic move by both companies to address the growing need for efficient and climate-friendly charging solutions, particularly within the Electric Transport Refrigeration Unit (ETRU) market, including refrigerated trucks, trailers, and warehouses. This collaboration also marks Elonroad’s introduction to the U.S. market, introducing the availability of cutting-edge automatic charging solutions.

The joint venture will kickstart with a pilot program, set to commence in mid-2024 and conclude by Q1 2025. This U.S. market initiative aligns with the shared vision of both parties to revolutionize the transportation sector and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Carlos Valero, Chief Operating Officer of ESL, highlighted the synergies between the two companies, stating, ” Elonroad’s unique automatic charging solutions significantly decrease CO2 impact and lowers the total cost of ownership, offering the flexibility to charge electric vehicles whether on the move or parked. This innovation aligns with ESL’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions that drive environmental benefits while meeting the evolving needs of the transportation industry. Together, we aim to redefine the future of our markets.”

Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO of Elonroad, expressed her thoughts on the partnership, saying, “We recognize ESL as an industry leader, and partnering with them in the U.S. market is a key strategic move for Elonroad. Through this collaboration, we are thrilled to forge a path toward a positive future where sustainable practices and safety for all involved are paramount. This partnership not only underscores our commitment to climate-consciousness but also signifies a significant step towards redefining industry standards. We look forward to the innovative solutions and positive impact our combined efforts will bring to the transportation sector and beyond.”

Elonroad specializes in charging solutions for electric vehicles, catering to various segments such as commercial, private, light, and heavy vehicles, both autonomous and human-operated. Working with, amongst others, one of the leaders within circular services, in addition also building the first electric highway together with VINCI outside Paris, France. Meanwhile, ESL is renowned for its advanced power system solutions in the electric vehicle charging industry and renewable energy applications.

The partnership between ESL and Elonroad marks a significant step towards sustainable transportation and underscores their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

About ESL

ESL is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and integrating advanced power system solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry and renewable energy applications. With a robust portfolio that includes everything from high-efficiency charging stations to innovative power management systems, ESL is at the forefront of supporting sustainable transportation.

About Elonroad

Elonroad, a Swedish cleantech company, aims to streamline energy flow using their innovative technology for Electric Roads (ERS) and automated charging stations, targeting industries like logistics and ports. Their technology, which integrates conductive charging into road surfaces, enables vehicles to charge while moving or parked. Enhanced with IoT sensors, the system optimizes charging, improves safety, and operates efficiently 24/7 while also reducing CO2 emissions. Elonroad collaborates with major partners like logistics company Elis and global supplier of automotive components Aisin and is currently working on the first electric highway on the A10 highway outside Paris, France. Elonroad’s charging solutions support all types of electric vehicles—commercial or private, light or heavy, autonomous or manual—further expanding their reach and impact in the shift towards sustainable transportation.

Learn more about the conductive charging pilot program!

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