2015 Hurricane Predictions Announced! How’s Your Emergency Back-Up Power?

Hurricane Katrina NASA

On April 22nd, predictions were announced for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season. The Weather Channel says that we can expect a total of nine named storms and five hurricanes which is below the historical averages. The 30-year average is 12 named storms and six hurricanes, including three major hurricanes (meaning a Category 3 or stronger).
Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford of The Weather Channel Professional Division says, “Both the dynamical models and our proprietary statistical models suggest a relatively quiet tropical season this year.”

This does not mean that we’re in for a less destructive season, however. There’s no relation between the number of storms and landfalls in any given season. The predictions are only for the total number of storms, and do not include a forecast for the number of storms that will make landfall and cause destruction and loss of power. For example, the 2014 season had the lowest number of named storms in 17 years, but had the strongest landfalling hurricane (Hurricane Arthur) in six years!

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