Company Switch vs. Disconnect Switches

When making purchasing or specifying decisions regarding electrical equipment for entertainment venues there are many factors to consider. The top of the list should always be safety. When it comes to making a decision between company switches and standard disconnect switches, the factor that often takes priority is price. While disconnect switches may often be the more affordable option, the value added into a company switch becomes apparent when features are compared side by side.

Company Switch Chart

The additional safety and features of ESL’s ShowSwitch make it a logical choice for entertainment power needs. The standard safety-interlocked feature of the ShowSwitch prevents live parts from being accessible, thus minimizing electrical hazards. In addition to being safety-interlocked, the ShowSwitch is equipped with an indicator light that clearly shows if the power is on. The ShowSwitch is also designed to be used without a certified electrician once installed. This cuts down significantly on operating costs. Disconnect switches are a generic solution that does not offer the combination of safety features desirable in an entertainment project.

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