ESL Rocks at Continuous Improvement

Fender trip

ESL strives to educate our team and empower them to help our company be productive and successfully serve our customers. ESL’s organizational goals include the refinement of existing processes, and educating our employees on the importance of continuous improvement.

ESL aims to certify our employees in Six Sigma in order to foster a culture of structured data-driven decision making following the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control).

This year’s ESL  Six Sigma Green Belt class graduated with flying colors. Completion of the Green Belt class includes demonstrating a competence in using the Six Sigma tools and using those tools to improve various business processes under the coaching of a Six Sigma Black Belt.

To provide an award for their hard work and to see how well the team could apply their new-found knowledge, the ESL Green Belt class had the opportunity to visit the Fender Guitar Factory. Fender also trains Green Belts and this tour gave the ESL team a chance to see how another company is applying the Six Sigma tools. During the tour, the team learned about the CNC milling/stamping of guitar components, the extensive polishing process to the body of a guitar to create a smooth finish, and the meticulous assembly to the neck of the guitar. “Standard Work” was apparent at all stations of Fender’s manufacturing processes.

The team showed great enthusiasm during the tour and is looking forward to applying these tools at ESL in the future!

ESL's Six Sigma Green Belt Class

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