Do You have an Effective Emergency Backup System?

September is National Preparedness Month.  Is your business ready in the event of an emergency? We can mitigate risk, both to our lives and our property, by being proactive and planning ahead for a disaster.

As a business owner, being prepared means having an effective emergency backup system.  An important step in implementing this system is selecting a manual transfer switch that can quickly and safely be connected to a generator should utility power be out for a prolonged period of time. In ESL’s blog, 6-Ways to Select a Manual Transfer Switch we cover the factors that should be considered when determining which type of transfer switch is most suitable for your business.

Ensure your business will be the one to have the lights on in the aftermath of an emergency…

In addition to a reliable back up system, your company should have a plan. Determine how you’ll get your business back up and running. Make a Check list! Assign responsibilities and determine if additional training is necessary to perform the tasks assigned. Include a backup person responsible for a task if your primary is off site.

Plan regularly scheduled maintenance. Keep your equipment up to standards and ready at a moment’s notice. NEC regional standards provide guidelines for regularly testing electrical equipment. ESL’s TripleSwitch —  a 3-way manual transfer switch —  simplifies load bank testing procedures and also provides a safe way to connect a backup generator in the event a permanent generator malfunctions. Read more about this process in our recent blog on how to Streamline Load Bank Testing.

Ensure your business will be the one to have the lights on in the aftermath of an emergency, ready to serve your customers at a time when demand is high!

Remember, it’s never too late to make sure that you’re prepared for an emergency or loss of power!

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