ESL’s New Power Metering & Reefer Monitoring Assembly

Power metering and reefer monitoring assembly

ESL Power Systems, Inc. and Refrigerated Transport Electronics have teamed up to offer an integrated solution encompassing Reefer Outlets, Revenue-grade Power Metering and Reefer Monitoring. This system provides a single source of information for reefers while reporting energy consumption per reefer with revenue-grade accuracy.

The monitoring system uses power meters that can be integrated with RTE’s GRASP software. ESL’s assembly can be designed for multi-gang configurations in multiple mounting options.

Terminals can gain significant value from real data on reefer power consumption. With reefer containers accounting for up to 50% of a terminals total electric consumption, improving reefer management can deliver significant savings by providing necessary data. Power parameters measured with this new system include total power consumption, RMS current and voltage, frequency and power factor. This system also measures reefer parameters including Container ID, Sensor Valves; temperature, air, moisture, etc., Reefer operations; fan speeds, controller modes and Pre-trip state & alarms.

The potential impact for terminals and reefer service providers worldwide will be significant for understanding actual consumption, the baseline carbon footprint and improving terminal energy efficiency.

View ESL’s Power Metering & Reefer Monitoring capabilities sheet for additional information.

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