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ESL’s mission is to, “continuously provide our customers with innovative solutions.”  As we strive to provide better solutions we also aim to provide better resources.  ESL recently updated our technological resources to help serve our customers. The hope is it will not only educate, but also make finding the right “innovative” solution easier.

We built an App for that!

On the path to providing better tools, we created a new and improved online Catalog Manager. You know how catalogs can read like lengthy instruction manuals? Well, we decided to simplify the information and look to make finding what you need easier. ESL’s product offerings are now presented in an easy to locate format. Not only is the new catalog much more legible and direct on your desktop, but also more conducive to smartphones and tablets for customers on the go.

And speaking of smartphones and tablets…. We built an App for that!

We are pleased to introduce the new “ESL Power APP,” available for both IOS and Android devices. You can quickly and easily measure both kW output needed and Wire Size Bend Radius in either one swipe of the slider or a press of the button. The equations are based on the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) minimum bend radius requirements. The “ESL Power APP” is the easier equation. You can download our app from Google Play or the iTunes App store.

These are just a couple of things ESL has done to make your experience with us a positive one. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our own avenues of information and resources to help simplify your day-to-day tasks.

Still need more help on finding the right solution? Our Customer Service Reps are here to assist.  Click here to request more info.

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