Intermodal Reefer Expansion on the Rise

ESL Port Expansion


As you follow intermodal news and developments, you are bound to come across weekly updates on expanding port terminals and the inevitability of their need to handle additional intermodal cargo.

Recently, World Cargo News (WCN) announced that APM Terminals and Compas SA will invest more than $200M in upgrades and expansion to handle post-panamax vessels in Cartagena.  The improvements will also include new terminal equipment.  Additionally, a WCN article about Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal improvements focused on a new deep water semi-automated container terminal.  The article stated that this location will continue to operate as a terminal that is highly specialized in the discharge and warehousing of fresh fruits and vegetable produce.

Reefer box production is on the rise again as well. A relatively high output, of up to 135,000 units (260,000 TEU) is forecast for 2015, and even if this falls short of the record achieved in 2011 (when 300,000 TEU were delivered), it is likely to top all other years to date (World Cargo News Online Reefer box building on the up again).

It goes without saying that more and more refrigerated containers (aka Reefers) will pass through these terminals as time goes by. In the long run, Reefer Outlets will play a crucial role in long-term efficiency, safety, maintenance and cost of terminal operations. ESL has equipped terminals with more than 180,000 safety-interlocked power modules across the globe and is expert in the development and manufacturing of reefer power distribution.  Click to learn more about Specifying Reefer Outlets for Container Port Terminals and provided key items to consider.  The blog discusses materials and configurations, rack and ground-mounted reefer outlets, reefer outlet enclosure housing and optional features. For further information on Reefer Outlets search through our expansive intermodal posts here.

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