Introducing the new StormSwitch™ Bebe!

StormSwitch BeBe

StormSwitch BeBe

In today’s business climate, smart business owners are regularly looking for ways to operate more efficiently, save money, and be more “green.” ESL Power Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce a new emergency backup power solution to our line of products: StormSwitch™ Bebe.

The StormSwitch Bebe is a compact manual transfer switch for quick portable generator connection. For those requiring a portable generator connection for grid-tied facilities, the StormSwitch Bebe provides an ideal solution and offers several benefits over the larger units. The StormSwitch Bebe is easier to install, weighs less and offers a 33% smaller footprint than ESL’s standard 400A StormSwitch.

This compact manual transfer switch can help you to quickly reestablish a power connection during an outage. Operators are provided with color-coded cam-style receptacles to ensure a quick, safe connection to a portable generator.
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