Lean Six Sigma: ESL’s New Venture for Continuous Improvement

In manufacturing, Lean is popular for its systematic approach to streamlining workflow by eliminating waste while continuing to deliver value to customers.

Six Sigma is a structured method for problem solving and reducing variation in a process. Using the Six Sigma methodology in a manufacturing environment can reduce the amount of defective products produced, resulting in increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction.

So, what is Lean Six Sigma?

Great Question! Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on an entire team effort to improve performance by removing waste. By combining lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, ESL aims to eliminate the seven kinds of waste: Time, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over production, Over processing, and Defects (abbreviated as ‘TIMWOOD’).

When a Lean Culture is developed, improvement is exponentially more likely to be sustained and an environment for continuous improvement is created. This culture is the foundation of Lean process improvement. It is a combination of defining customer value, aligning around a common purpose, and striving for perfection while at the same time respecting and developing employees.

Why does ESL need it?

ESL constantly seeks to identify ways to improve. Even the best companies have waste (things that don’t add value to the product) and variation in processes that cost a company money. ESL is a very successful company, but as we map the processes, we see areas where improvement can save even more money and improve the service to our customers.

What is being done?

ESL is being equipped with the tools we need to identify value in the eyes of our customers, eliminate waste, empower our employees and continuously improve. We have just finished basic training with employees across the board; as we continue to work on identifying key projects and find room for improvement in all departments, our aim is to have our customers experience the positive effects by adding greater value to our products and services.

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