Panel Design Considerations Part 2


In part one of our Design Panel Considerations we discussed how to streamline production and meet deadlines.
During the design stage of a panel it is also important to consider key factors to help minimize complications.

First, in order to take a project from design to final build, a panel shop first needs to be provided with a complete and accurate Bill of Materials to ensure the quote is as correct as possible. The quoting process begins with using your BOM to provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

Next, take into account any design rules and specifications. Evaluate the certification & code requirements of your panel. Does your panel need to be UL Listed? If a panel needs to be UL Listed, all components specified also need to be UL, UR or under 480VAC. Knowing the standards that the project must meet during the design phase will make the process much smoother at all levels. Reviewing the requirements in the beginning of the project will also assist in deciding if expediting your project needs to be considered.

Lastly, consider your schedule. Does the lead time quoted fit your deadline? If there is a particular component causing the delay, can a reasonable substitution be made? It is always important to consider these key questions which will assist in making sure your project design is executed smoothly and within the time frame needed.

At ESL, experience, expertise and enthusiasm combine to produce top quality control panels built to spec. To get a quote on your next panel build be sure to fill out our request form.

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