Save Time on Load Bank Testing


What if there was a way to not only significantly reduce the time needed to make required connections and disconnections when load bank testing, but also provide a means to connect a portable generator when or if the permanent generator goes out of commission for repairs?

There is!

Check out the TripleSwitch video below to learn about the (4) primary benefits the Triple Switch provides to those facilities which have an automatic transfer switch and permanent generator:

  1. Reduces time required for connections associated with load bank testing
  2. Provides a simple and safe portable generator connection for redundant backup
  3. Mitigates risk of making faulty or incorrect connections when reconnecting the permanent generator and/or ATS after load bank testing is complete
  4. Reduces wear and tear on termination lugs that are not designed for repetitive use

The TripleSwitch is a 3-way manual transfer switch specifically designed to streamline load bank testing procedures and to provide a redundant and safe way to connect a backup generation system in the event the permanent generator malfunctions, requires routine maintenance repairs, or if utility power to your facility fails during load bank testing.

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