ShowSwitch: Things to Consider


When selecting a company switch for an entertainment venue, it is important to focus on what you are setting out to accomplish.  Generally speaking, entertainment centers are searching for a way for visiting road-shows to connect quickly and safely to a venue’s in-house power.

Quick connections can best be made using industry-standard, color-coded cam-lock plugs and receptacles.  Alternatively, direct-wire connections can be made using mechanical lugs.  ESL Power Systems provides company switches with both options (often referred to as dual-chamber, dual-connection, or ‘single stab & bare wire’ company switches).  Having the option for direct-wire connections is convenient when the visitor’s distro equipment is not fitted with cam-lock plugs on the ends of their power cables.

Safety is also extremely important.  Obviously, you do not want anyone to get hurt.  Some form of interlock between the cam-lock receptacles and the breaker inside the company switch is necessary to keep the user safe.  This interlock ensures that the cam-lock receptacles are not ‘live’ when plugging in or disconnecting cables.  ESL’s company switches have the door handle interlocked to the breaker.  The cam-lock receptacles can only be accessed through this door, therefore the breaker is off anytime the receptacles are accessible.

ESL Power Systems manufactures company switches that fulfill the requirements of ease-of-use and safety perfectly.  A variety of options are available including: color and texture, digital ammeters or multimeters, 100% rated circuit breakers, reverse gender neutral & ground, Type 3R enclosures, POSI-LOCK™ Panels,  various ground & neutral configurations, various termination connections, and flush mount (in the wall) style enclosures.

Photo Courtesy of: Sergio Leenen

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