Additional ESL eTRUconnect® Models Approved for the Charge Ready Transport Program

eTRUconnect for TRU's

After being the first manufacturer of eTRU docking stations to be approved by Southern California Edison for its Charge Ready program, SCE has approved 5 additional ESL eTRUconnect models for inclusion in its landmark campaign.  The new models address an industry need to power 240V units, standard ISO Refrigerated Containers, and to daisy-chain up to…

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California Transport Refrigeration Unit Regulations in Development

Pending TRU regulations in California may restrict idling at applicable facilities to a maximum of 5 minutes by 2025 in an effort to help improve the environmental impact of the trucking industry. Truck Refrigeration Units, commonly referred to as TRUs, are refrigeration systems that are typically powered by internal combustion engines. TRUs control the environment…

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