2013 Hurricane Outlook. Plan Ahead. Install Standby Power Connection.


Hurricane Andrea has kicked off the 2013 Hurricane Season, and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration this year should be a doozie. With warmer than average temperatures, wind patterns routing our way from Africa, and no sign of El Niño showing up to reduce hurricane activity, it has been predicted that the Atlantic is likely to experience a greater number of storms and stronger hurricanes. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center anticipates 13-20 named storms and 3-6 hurricanes. This forecast is above the seasonal average.

“The start of hurricane season is a reminder that our families, businesses and communities need to be ready for the next big storm,” said Joe Nimmich, Federal Emergency Management Agency’s associate administrator for Response and Recovery.

Is your business ready when the next big storm knocks out power?

Do you have a plan to get your business up and running if the power is out for days or weeks?

Will your business be the one to have the lights on in the aftermath of the storm, ready to serve your customers at a time when demand is high?

Plan ahead by installing standby power connection equipment, including a manual transfer switch, that can be quickly and easily connected to a portable generator in the event of a power outage.
The first step is to evaluate what type of transfer switch is most suitable for your application.
Be prepared. Plan ahead. Learn more about manual transfer switches and emergency power preparedness statistics.

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