Power Pool Plus and ESL Reefer Outlets Provide Expanded Power Generation Versatility


Power Pool Plus has been providing power generation solutions for the refrigerated transportation industry for over 20 years. Over that time we have taken great pride in building products that provide years of service in some of the harshest and most demanding environments. Our products can be found providing critical generator power to refrigerated containers around the globe, such as the fast paced, rough and tumble world of shipping ports, the hot and humid growing fields of South and Central America, and on the decks of ships and barges traversing the seas in any type of weather.

Building a product that can stand up to these conditions and still provide years of service requires not only craftsmanship in the building process but also knowing which components to implement that will handle this type of demanding use. For the most critical link between the power our units provide and the refrigerated containers, we choose ESL Power Systems products.

Multi-Gang Flush Mount Reefer Panel Assembly with Cam-Loks™. Power Pack Expansion.

Some examples of how Power Pool Plus uses ESL’s reefer outlets can be found in our standard 30 and 40 plug Power Packs. These containerized GenSets utilize ESL’s Multi-Gang Flush Mount Reefer Panel Assembly outfitted with the ESL Safety-Interlocked Power Module. We find that this combination not only affords a clean look to our end product, but also a durable system that is watertight and features a safety-interlocked connection between refrigerated container and Power Pack.

When customers demand more versatility from the traditional Power Pack design, we turn to ESL to add Cam-Lok/Breakers to their 40 gang Flush Mount Reefer Panel. This enables end users to extend the ‘reach’ of the Power Pack by adding additional, Receptacle Trees. These trees can then be positioned remotely from the power source via any length of cable – effectively changing a 40 receptacle unit into one that can handle any combination of receptacles depending upon GenSet specifications.

Portable Trailer-mounted GenSets. PortaPack Mobility.

Our PortaPacks are trailer-mounted GenSets configured in sizes capable of powering 10, 15, or 20 reefer containers. These very portable units can be easily moved by simply hooking them to any yard vehicle and positioning them anywhere in the port where power is needed. This mobility requires a robust design that can handle exposure to any type of weather condition and constant handling. We find that 10, 15, and 20 gang Portable Assembly Enclosures provide a unique product with multiple uses around the port in addition to powering refrigerated containers. In fact, many terminal operators use these PortaPacks equipped with ESL Safety-interlocked Power Modules to power RTG’s (Rubber Tired Gantries). This is a cost effective way to keep their expensive on-board electronic components ‘alive’ or to simply run their on-board block heater when the RTG is not in use.

ESL’s Safe Stab Technology. Complete Power Solutions.

Managers of reefer yards understand that unless they have the power available to keep refrigerated containers cold, shipping lines will take their business elsewhere. Being able to quickly add many reefer plugs in the yard can mean the difference between getting the contract or not.

Safe Stab Modules are safety-interlocked 400A cam-style receptacles with a molded case circuit breaker mounted to a plate. Using ESL’s Safe Stab module design, Power Pool Plus has developed a system whereby a single high output generator can effectively run power to groups of receptacle trees which are positioned remotely throughout the yard. This enables the operator to safely “energize” or “de-energize” sets of trees for maintenance or to properly manage load across the entire reefer yard. This power system can be modified to fit any receptacle need from the smaller operator to complete reefer yard projects.

Power Pool Plus continues to develop new product enhancements to better serve the ever evolving power needs of the refrigerated transportation industry.


Cam-Lok™ is a registered Trademark of Cooper Industries, LLC.

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