How to Prevent Exploding Reefer Plugs & Connectors


Those who have plugged in Refrigerated Containers (a.k.a “reefers”) know firsthand that water intrusion can cause reefer plugs and connectors to explode.  This is extremely dangerous and can result in injury to the operator, damage to the plug, receptacle, and surrounding equipment.  And obviously, the refrigerated cargo is no longer being cooled.  Experienced operators will even shake the plug prior to plugging in; if they suspect water is inside they know better than to energize the plug.

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Determining the Right Fit: Single-gang vs. Multi-gang Reefer Outlet (socket) Installations


When it comes to designing reefer racks, the question of whether to install individual reefer outlets (sockets) or group several outlets in a single enclosure (multi-gangs) is often overlooked.  Past experiences or canned designs seem to be the driving factors behind selecting one of these alternatives. This is a decision that impacts both installation costs & operations, and requires some consideration. Read more

ESL Launches Spanish Website


ESL Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our Spanish-language website.

The web is a powerful tool that has expanded the reach of internet users and created opportunities where they may never have existed before. With a leading position in Latin American and our global presence expanding, we believe the launch of our Spanish-language version of will further strengthen engagement with our customers and enable them to maximize the tools available online in their primary language. Read more