How to Prevent Exploding Reefer Plugs & Connectors


Those who have plugged in Refrigerated Containers (a.k.a “reefers”) know firsthand that water intrusion can cause reefer plugs and connectors to explode.  This is extremely dangerous and can result in injury to the operator, damage to the plug, receptacle, and surrounding equipment.  And obviously, the refrigerated cargo is no longer being cooled.  Experienced operators will even shake the plug prior to plugging in; if they suspect water is inside they know better than to energize the plug.

Of course, the key here is to keep the water out of the plugs in the first place.  Using high-quality plugs and connectors specifically designed for reefer use is critical.  But often overlooked is the importance of following the manufacturer’s installation procedures closely.  Although following the installation steps may take a few extra minutes, the benefits far outweigh the risk.

Check out this short video for step-by step installation instructions of ESL’s 32A watertight reefer plugs and connectors:

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