Benefits of In-house Fabrication

Benefits of In-House Fabrication

Regardless of your role in the marketplace, you have probably been faced with a situation where you required a unique item that was difficult to source, too expensive, or took far too long to be delivered.  In this case it is important to have the ability to build it yourself.  This is where an in-house fabrication shop can provide an organization and its customers with solution-oriented benefits.

Benefit 1: Freedom to be Creative
In-house fabrication empowers a “think outside the box” mentality.  Design a product according to what enhances efficiency, not what is listed in a catalog.

Benefit 2:  Direct Communication
Take out the middle man and increase communication among the project manager, engineer, and fab shop.  Share ideas directly about ways to improve the design, reduce lead times, and minimize production or installation costs without getting outside vendors involved.

Benefit 3:  Reduce Cost & Lead Times
Eliminate the time and transport costs to move fabricated items from point A to B.  Additional savings can also be gained by minimizing the time and cost of trying to adapt an off-the-shelf item to unique requirements.  Instead, materials are fabricated to meet custom specifications.

 …it is important to have the ability to build it yourself.

With in-house fabrication, your project is given dedicated attention and looked at as a whole to see how the end product can be improved, built faster and costs reduced.  ESL’s in-house fabrication shop does exactly that.  To learn more about ESL’s in-house fabrication capabilities, check out this video:


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