Hurricane Isaac Delivers a Reminder of the Importance of Back-up Power Generation


Year in and year out, from coast to coast we are reminded how absolutely dependent we have become on the underlying infrastructure that delivers the clean water, electricity, and communications we Americans have come to take for granted.

Whether the reason for loss of power is adverse weather conditions, a car accident taking out power lines, or perhaps a hot day causing an overload of the utility grid, it is at these times when we realize the implications of losing access to these fundamental services.

The gulf coast in particular has been served up this brutal reminder time and time again. The recent ravaging of Hurricane Isaac left 900,000 customers without power for up to six days according to The Times-Picayune. While the loss of utility grid power cannot be prevented, businesses can ensure that downtime is held to a minimum.

A recently published case study explores how the City of Gretna, LA utilized a Mitigation Funding Block Grant to make significant upgrades and improvements to their electrical infrastructure, including the installation of eleven UL1008 Listed StormSwitch™ Manual Transfer Switches, after Hurricane Katrina brought down their entire water wastewater treatment system. Read IEC Insight’s full article.

Emergency back-up power generation must be at the heart of emergency recovery as a key to safeguarding quality of life, including quick post-emergency recovery. ESL’s quick connect manual transfer switch can provide a cost-effective solution for utility companies and businesses ready to take action in preparation for the next power outage.

To learn more about ESL’s emergency power connection solutions, please click here.

To view NOAA and FEMA statistics on the increase of disasters and the related cost implications, please click here.

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