London Gateway Project



London Gateway is a new ‘Super Port’ located North East of London with an ability to handle the world’s largest cargo ships. It increases the capabilities of the Port of Londonand helps meet the growing demand for container handling in The United Kingdom.

With the ability to accommodate ships containing as many as 18,000 TEU’s (twenty-foot equivalent units), the London Gateway had to ensure its ability to handle a multitude of refrigerated containers. ESL Power Systems, Inc. was called upon to meet these demands by supplying the London Gateway with over (550) Safety Interlocked 32AMP 400VAC single-gang reefer outlets. ESL’s Safety-interlocked Reefer Outlets are designed to provide the operator with a “de-energized” circuit during the insertion and retraction of the male plug, preventing “making or breaking” under load. All ESL products are designed for simplified operation and heightened safety. Molded-case circuit breakers supplied in the modules are available with various trip ratings to allow for branch, overload and short-circuit protection as required.

ESL Power Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of reefer outlets worldwide, specializes in manufacturing electrical solutions to ensure that perishable goods maintain their freshness during intermodal transportation. Having simple-to-use, safe electrical outlets and power distribution centers saves operators time and minimizes safety risks. In order to maximize cost savings and optimize efficiency, ESL’s engineering team provides customized solutions on a project by project basis. From Kenya to Abu Dhabi, ESL has equipped terminals with more than 135,000 safety-interlocked power modules around the globe.

Photo by Jeff Parr

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