ShowSwitch At The Bat



Baseball has held our attention for more than a hundred years.  For decades, we have cheered alongside our friends, hugged our family, and given high-fives to complete strangers, as we participate in “America’s Pastime.” A baseball game can be a relaxing, nostalgic event, but have you ever wondered what it takes to orchestrate this amazing spectacle? The field is lit up, the announcer’s voice is booming through speakers, and the beer in my hand is ice cold…where is the power coming from?

With video screens consisting of over 1.5 million LED bulbs, ribbon boards spanning from left to right field, and TV broadcasts going out over the air waves, power distribution is a crucial component of a baseball stadium’s electrical infrastructure. The safety & reliability of power distribution equipment is the cornerstone of a comprehensive electrical design for entertainment venue applications. Successful execution of the plan is critical in creating the desired ambiance to consistently ensure high-quality performance.

With a continuous commitment to safety, ESL manufactures a complete line of UL Listed Company Switches ranging from 100-400A and Concert Power Distribution Boards up to 1600A.

ShowSwitch™ company switches are equipped with a safety-interlocked door for safe connection, operation and maintenance. In addition, color-coded cam-style receptacles provide users with a simple plug & play connection while maintaining a compact footprint.

In addition to standard company switches, ESL manufactures a variety of custom stage power distribution units for theaters, concert halls, and other entertainment venues. When it comes to outfitting new or renovated facilities, ESL’s engineering team excels in designing unique electrical stage power equipment that meets customer needs.

We take pride in providing customers with a quality product that is safe to use and built to unique specifications. For inquires on the ShowSwitch™ or other customized power distribution solutions, please contact us at (800) 922-4188 or We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with set stage solutions on your upcoming projects.

Photo Courtesy of: ARTBROM 

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