ShowSwitch At The Bat



Baseball has held our attention for more than a hundred years.  For decades, we have cheered alongside our friends, hugged our family, and given high-fives to complete strangers, as we participate in “America’s Pastime.” A baseball game can be a relaxing, nostalgic event, but have you ever wondered what it takes to orchestrate this amazing spectacle? The field is lit up, the announcer’s voice is booming through speakers, and the beer in my hand is ice cold…where is the power coming from? Read more

Sniper Attack on Power Grid Triggers Need for Emergency Backup Power

Power Grid Sniper Attack

A well-orchestrated sniper attack on Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Metcalf power substation last year knocked out multiple transformers that supply power to Silicon Valley. Was this the work of vandals, or is this highly sophisticated attack a preliminary test by a terrorist organization bent on shutting down the nation’s high-tech sector?

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